Quality Yorkshire Terriers by Lincolnwood Yorkies

Lincolnwood Yorkies


Experienced Breeders

We breed healthy beautiful Yorkshire Terriers! We fell in love with this breed about 15 years ago and have dedicated ourselves to producing only the best. Our dogs live in our home with us, no kennels, no basements, no garages. Each momma has a private, sanitary place to give birth and raise her babies. 


Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Our dams and sires are all genetically tested through Embark to assure they are free of any of the testable diseases inherent to the breed. We work hand in hand with Oakwood Veterinary Clinic to provide optimum care to all of our dogs and puppies.


A Furever Friend

Yorkshire Terriers are small but mighty. They are smart and loyal, and full of fun. They will make you laugh, frustrate you, then cover you with kisses. Their happy place is anywhere near you.

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